We Make Group Travel Planning a Breeze

Planning a group vacation, whether for a corporate getaway or a holiday with friends and family, presents its own set of unique challenges. Hotels that might seem perfect and tick every box might not accept large groups or parties on the same booking, or may not be the best fit when a villa could accommodate the group better. The logistics start to become a challenge, and before you know it, you’ve spent an entire weekend researching online, only to be no further ahead than when you first started.

At Diamante, we are worldwide travel experts with direct experience planning luxury group vacations for all occasions and sizes of parties. We alleviate the stress and the consumption of time that comes with planning the perfect getaway for large groups, and we take care of every little detail, so you don’t have to.

A luxury bachelor party or group of friends who want to take a yoga holiday together or a sophisticated corporate event in a sumptuous destination; we have experience accommodating the weirdest and wonderful group holiday requests for our clients.

Effortless Luxury Group Holidays

At Diamante, you get a completely tailored travel experience that is formulated by an expert travel planner who stays in regular contact with you. After a quick consultation, your travel concierge service begins, and you will shortly be presented with a number of options that meet with your exacting criteria. Because we have an extensive reach in the luxury holiday planning sector, we can often get additional amenities and extras that are otherwise available to other clients who book directly online, and we provide the most attractive group holiday options at the best prices, in outstanding locations.

If you want help planning a luxury group getaway, you’re in good company!

Our group plans things last minute. It used to be a huge head ache to get everyone on the same page about accomodations and the itinerary, but now we just contact our concierge at Diamante and she makes the entire experience seamless for everyone involved. Coachella same week? Who does that?! We did and will again in the future thanks to Diamante!
— Justin, Dallas TX

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